AKtive means Quality

Our History

AKTIVE is a medical device manufacturing company located in Rome, Italy.
Formed in 2007, incorporating an Italian factory of microsurgical Instruments, AKTIVE achieved 30 years of experience becoming a contractor for third parties and direct manufacturer under own brand.
Creativity, design and customer benefits are the center of our activity. All our production processes, from conception to prototype to final product take place inside our company.We manufacture “in house” 90% of our products.
Several “skilled” artisans work for the success of Aktive products.
High quality material concepts, innovative technologies, stringent quality criteria and many years of experience form the recipe of Aktive’s success.
Each of our product is assembled with the latest techniques, fulfilling the highest demands.
Aktive’s products are manufactured in Italy, in the headquarters located in Rome. Our products are completely Italian.


Andrea Chini

I come from an experience of salesman of medical devices in ophthalmology started in 1993.

With Aktive, the company I formed in 2007 and actually lead, I started to move from distribution to manufacturing.

By incorporating the company Meditekno in 2011, AKtive achieved over 30 years of experience in manufacturing microsurgical instruments for anterior and posterior surgery.

Today I am enlarging constantly the portfolio of devices and models of the catalogue, focusing all the energies in rising the business of the company through the international markets.


Alessia Salvatore

Alessia Salvatore

Customer Service

Giada Reginaldi

Giada Reginaldi


Paolo Prolli

Paolo Prolli

Sales & Orders

Sandro Durante

Sandro Durante

Head of Production

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